Privacy Statement

A. General Information

When does this Privacy Statement apply?

This Privacy Statement applies to information that can be used to identify you (“Personal Data”) and that you provide to Insider Plus d.o.o. (owner of “InsiderCX” brand) or which is derived from the Personal Data as outlined below. Insider Plus d.o.o. (as defined below) usage of cookies is subject to a separate cookie statement.

Who is the Data Controller?

The data controller of is Insider Plus d.o.o., Zagrebačka 89, 42000 Varaždin, Croatia (“InsiderCX“). Where a registration form is presented on this website, the data controller may vary depending on the actual offering or the purpose of the data collection but it is in any case displayed on the individual registration form’s privacy statement. Insider Plus d.o.o.'s data protection officer can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Personal Data does InsiderCX collect?

In the normal course of business, Insider Plus d.o.o. collects Personal Data such as contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number, email address, and your employer) for customers.

Why does InsiderCX need your Personal Data?

Insider Plus d.o.o. requires your personal data to provide you with access to Insider Plus d.o.o.'s services, to comply with contractual and statutory obligations, including checks required by applicable export laws and to stay in touch with you. Although providing your Personal Data is voluntary, without your Personal Data, Insider Plus d.o.o. cannot provide you with access to its services.

From what types of third parties does InsiderCX obtain Personal Data?

In most cases Insider Plus d.o.o. collects Personal Data from you. Insider Plus d.o.o. might also obtain Personal Data from third parties, if the applicable national law allows Insider Plus d.o.o. to do so. Insider Plus d.o.o. will treat this Personal Data according to this Privacy Statement, plus any additional restrictions imposed by the third party that provided Insider Plus d.o.o. with it or the applicable national law. These third-party sources include Insider Plus d.o.o. or third parties you directed to share your Personal Data with Insider Plus d.o.o. (e.g. in case of an event where you permit the host of the event to share your registration data with Insider Plus d.o.o.).

How long will InsiderCX store my Personal Data?

Insider Plus d.o.o. will only store your Personal Data for as long as it is required for the performance of contractual obligations, to make its services available to you, for Insider Plus d.o.o. to comply with its statutory obligations resulting from applicable export laws, and to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement.

Insider Plus d.o.o. will also retain your Personal Data for additional periods if applicable laws require it.

What are your data protection rights?

You can request from Insider Plus d.o.o. access at any time to information about which Personal Data Insider Plus d.o.o. processes about you and the correction or deletion of such Personal Data. Please note, however, that Insider Plus d.o.o. can or will delete your Personal Data only if there is no statutory obligation or prevailing right of Insider Plus d.o.o. to retain it. Kindly note further that if you request that Insider Plus d.o.o. deletes your Personal Data, you will not be able to continue to use any Insider Plus d.o.o. service that requires Insider Plus d.o.o.'s use of your Personal Data.

If Insider Plus d.o.o. uses your Personal Data based on your consent or to perform a contract with you, you can further request from Insider Plus d.o.o. a copy of the Personal Data that you have provided to Insider Plus d.o.o. In this case, please contact the email address below and specify the information or processing activities to which your request relates, the format in which you would like to receive this information, and whether the Personal Data should be sent to you or another recipient. Insider Plus d.o.o. will carefully consider your request and discuss with you how it can best fulfill it.

Furthermore, you can request from Insider Plus d.o.o. that Insider Plus d.o.o. restricts your Personal Data from any further processing in any of the following events: (i) you state that the Personal Data Insider Plus d.o.o. has about you is incorrect, subject to the time Insider Plus d.o.o. requires to check the accuracy of the relevant Personal Data; (ii) there is no legal basis for Insider Plus d.o.o. processing your Personal Data and you demand that InsiderCX restricts your Personal Data from further processing; (iii) Insider Plus d.o.o. no longer requires your Personal Data but you state that you require Insider Plus d.o.o. to retain such data in order to claim or exercise legal rights or to defend against third party claims; or (iv) in case you object to the processing of your Personal Data by Insider Plus d.o.o. based on Insider Plus d.o.o. legitimate interest (as further set out below), subject to the time required for Insider Plus d.o.o. to determine whether it has a prevailing interest or legal obligation in processing your Personal Data.

How can you exercise your data protection rights?

Please direct any requests to exercise your rights to InsiderCX's Data Protection Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also designate another person to submit requests to exercise your data protection rights to Insider Plus d.o.o. You can give authorization to such person by granting them a limited power of attorney to exercise your data protection rights on your behalf.

How will Insider Plus d.o.o. verify requests to exercise data protection rights?

Insider Plus d.o.o. will take sets to ensure that it verifies your identity to a reasonable degree of certainty before it will process the data protection right you want to exercise. When feasible, Insider Plus d.o.o. will match Personal Data provided by you in submitting a request to exercise your rights with information already maintained by Insider Plus d.o.o. This could include matching two or more data points that are already maintained by us.

Insider Plus d.o.o. will decline to process requests that are manifestly unfounded, excessive, fraudulent, or are not otherwise required by local law.

If you take the view that Insider Plus d.o.o. is not processing your Personal Data in accordance with the requirements in this Privacy Statement or under applicable EEA data protection laws, you can at any time lodge a complaint with the data protection
authority of the EEA country where you live.

B. Processing based on a statutory permission

Why does Insider Plus d.o.o. need to use my Personal Data and on what legal basis is Insider Plus d.o.o. using it?

Providing the requested services. Insider Plus d.o.o. requires your Personal Data to deliver services you order under a contract Insider Plus d.o.o. has with you, to establish a contract for goods or services between you and Insider Plus d.o.o., and to send you invoices for ordered services. Insider Plus d.o.o. processes Personal Data to fulfill contractual obligations pursuant to Article 6(1), Subparagraph 1(b) GDPR.

Ensuring compliance. Insider Plus d.o.o. and its products, technologies, and services are subject to the export laws, trade sanctions, and embargoes (“Export Laws”) of various countries including, without limitation, those of the European Union (“EU”), Germany and of the United States of America. Therefore, You acknowledge that, pursuant to the applicable Export Laws issued by these countries, Insider Plus d.o.o. is required to:

(a) take measures to prevent persons, entities and organizations listed on government-issued sanctioned party lists from accessing certain products, technologies, and services through InsiderCX’s websites or other delivery channels controlled by InsiderCX. This may include (i) automated checks of any user registration data as set out herein and other information a user provides about his or her identity against applicable sanctioned-party lists; (ii) regular repetition of such checks whenever a sanctioned-party list is updated or when a user updates his or her information; (iii) blocking of access to InsiderCX’s services and systems in case of a potential match; and (iv) contacting a user to confirm his or her identity in case of a potential match; and

(b) ensure that no individuals from embargoed countries access its services. Therefore, when an existing user logs into a website, app or cloud service of InsiderCX from an embargoed country, the user’s registration data and IP address may be used by InsiderCX to block the user’s access and to log access attempts from embargoed countries.

Any such usage of registration data and IP addresses by Insider Plus d.o.o. is necessary for Insider Plus d.o.o.'s compliance with applicable EU Export Laws (Article 6 para. 1 (c) GDPR) and Insider Plus d.o.o.'s legitimate interest to comply with non-EU Export Laws (Article 6 para. 1 (f) GDPR).

Insider Plus d.o.o. legitimate interest. Insider Plus d.o.o. can use your Personal Data based on its legitimate interest (Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR) as follows:

  • Fraud and Legal Claims. If required, Insider Plus d.o.o. will use your Personal Data for the purposes of preventing or prosecuting criminal activities such as fraud and to assert or defend against legal claims.
  • Questionnaires and surveys. Insider Plus d.o.o. could invite you to participate in questionnaires and surveys. These questionnaires and surveys will be generally designed in a way that they can be answered without any data that can be used to identify you. If you nonetheless enter such data in a questionnaire or survey, Insider Plus d.o.o. will use this personal data to improve its products and services.
  • Contract performance. If you purchase or intend to purchase goods or services from Insider Plus d.o.o. on behalf of a corporate customer or otherwise be the nominated contact person for the business relationship between a corporate customer (a “Customer Contact”) and Insider Plus d.o.o., Insider Plus d.o.o. will use your Personal Data for this purpose. This includes, for the avoidance of doubt, such steps which are required for establishing the relevant business relationship. In case that an existing Customer Contact informs Insider Plus d.o.o. that you are his replacement, Insider Plus d.o.o. will, from the point in time of such notification, consider you to be the relevant Customer Contact for the respective customer until you object as further set out below.
  • Creation of anonymized data sets. Insider Plus d.o.o. will anonymize Personal Data provided under this Privacy Statement to create anonymized data sets, which will then be used to improve its and its affiliates’ products and services.
  • Personalized Newsletter. If you opt-in to receive marketing communications such as newsletters from Insider Plus d.o.o., Insider Plus d.o.o. will collect and store details of how you interact with the newsletters to help create, develop, operate, deliver and improve our newsletter communications with you. This information is aggregated and used to help Insider Plus d.o.o. provide more useful information and to understand what is of most interest.
  • To keep you up-to-date or request feedback. Within an existing business relationship between you and Insider Plus d.o.o., Insider Plus d.o.o. might inform you, where permitted in accordance with local laws, about its products or services (including webinars, seminars or events) which are similar or relate to such products and services you have already purchased or used from Insider Plus d.o.o. Furthermore, where you have attended a webinar, seminar or event of Insider Plus d.o.o. or purchased products or services from Insider Plus d.o.o., Insider Plus d.o.o. might contact you for feedback regarding the improvement of the relevant webinar, seminar, event, product or service.

You can at any time object to Insider Plus d.o.o.' use of your Personal Data as set forth in this section by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In this case, Insider Plus d.o.o. will carefully review your objection and cease further use of the relevant information, subject to Insider Plus d.o.o.' compelling legitimate grounds for continued use of the information, which override your interest in objecting, or if Insider Plus d.o.o. requires the information for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

Processing under applicable national laws. If the applicable national law allows Insider Plus d.o.o. to do so, Insider Plus d.o.o. will use information about you for a business purpose, some of which is Personal Data:

  • To plan and host events
  • To host online forums or webinars
  • For marketing purposes such as to keep you updated on Insider Plus d.o.o.'s latest products and services and upcoming events
  • To contact you to discuss further your interest in InsiderCX services and offerings
  • To help Insider Plus d.o.o. create, develop, operate, deliver and improve Insider Plus d.o.o. services, products, content and advertising and to improve, upgrade, or enhance the service or device that is owned, manufactured, manufactured for, or controlled by Insider Plus d.o.o.
  • To provide more personalized information to you
  • For loss prevention
  • For account and network security purposes
  • For internal purposes such as auditing, analysis, and research to improve Insider Plus d.o.o.'s products or services
  • To verify your identity and determine appropriate services
  • To assert or defend against legal claims
  • To detect security incidents, protect against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, and to prosecute those responsible for that activity
  • To debug to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality
  • Short-term, transient use, provided the personal information is not disclosed to a third party and is not used to build a profile about you or otherwise alter your individual experience outside the current interaction, including, but not limited to, the contextual customization of ads shown as part of the same interaction
  • Undertaking internal research for technological development and demonstration
  • Undertaking activities to verify or maintain the quality or safety of a service or device that is owned, manufactured, manufactured for, or controlled by Insider Plus d.o.o.

C. Processing based on consent.

In the following cases, Insider Plus d.o.o. will process your Personal Data if you granted prior consent to the specific proposed processing of your Personal Data (Article 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR).

Children. This offering is not directed to users below the age of 16 years, or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction. If you are younger than 16, you cannot register with and use this offering.

Marketing. Insider Plus d.o.o. requires your Personal Data to inform you about Insider Plus d.o.o.'s latest products, service offers and events. Any such use of information is based on the consent you grant hereunder. Insider Plus d.o.o. will use your name, email and postal address, telephone number, job title and basic information about your employer (name, address, and industry) as well as an interaction profile based on prior interactions with Insider Plus d.o.o. (prior purchases, participation in webinars, seminars or events or the use of (web) services in order to keep you up to date on the latest product announcements, software updates, software upgrades, special offers, and other information about its' software and services (including marketing-related newsletters) as well as events and in order to display relevant content on Insider Plus d.o.o. websites. In connection with these marketing-related activities, Insider Plus d.o.o. will provide a hashed user ID to third party operated social networks or other web offerings (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Google) where this information is then matched against the social networks’ data or the web offerings’ own databases in order to display to you more relevant information.

Withdrawal of consent. You may withdraw your consent for Insider Plus d.o.o. to process your Personal Data as stated in this Privacy Statement at any time. Once you assert this right, Insider Plus d.o.o. will not process your Personal Data any longer unless legally required to do so. However, any withdrawal has no effect on past processing by Insider Plus d.o.o. up to the point in time of your withdrawal. Please direct any such request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

D. Cookies and similar tools

Information gathered by cookies or similar technologies, and any use of such information, is further described in Insider Plus d.o.o.'s Cookie Statement. You can exercise your cookie preferences as outlined in InsiderCX’ Cookie Statement.

E. Subprocessor List

The list of subprocessors Insider Plus d.o.o. currently uses to process personal data in the Subscription Services can be found below. 

  • Zoho Corporation B.V. Beneluxlaan 4B, 3527 HT UTRECHT, The Netherlands
  • INFOBIP d.o.o., Istarska 157, Vodnjan, Croatia 
  • Integromat s.r.o., Voctarova 2449/5, 180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic 
  • Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited. One Microsoft Place, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 D18 P521, Ireland 

Informacija o zaštiti osobnih podataka

Insider Plus d.o.o., Zagrebačka 89, 42000 Varaždin, OIB:, tel: +385 95 585 9192, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., kao voditelj obrade osobnih podataka, štiti Vašu privatnost te obrađuje samo osobne podatke koji su neophodni za svrhu za koju su prikupljeni, a kategorije osobnih podataka koje prikupljamo radi ispunjenja svrhe su sljedeće:

Podaci o službeniku za zaštitu osobnih podataka

  • tel: 095 585 9192,
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Svrha obrade i pravna osnova za obradu osobnih podataka

Vaše osobne podatke prikupljamo i obrađujemo u skladu s člankom 6. stavka 1. UREDBE (EU) 2016/679 EUROPSKOG PARLAMENTA I VIJEĆA od 27. travnja 2016., u svrhu pružanja odgovora na Vaš dostavljeni upit i postupanje po zaprimljenim prigovorima i pritužbama koje nam upućujete.
Vaše osobne podatke, prethodno navedene, prikupljamo i obrađujemo zbog toga jer su nam neophodni kako bismo bili u mogućnosti povratno Vas kontaktirati u pogledu dostave odgovora na dostavljeni upit te iste ne koristimo u niti jednu drugu svrhu.

Izvor osobnih podataka

Obrađujemo osobne podatke koji su ograničeni na ono što je nužno za ispunjenje gore navedene svrhe.
Osobne podatke prikupljamo i obrađujemo pošteno, zakonito i transparentno te brinemo o njihovoj točnosti, potpunosti, ažurnosti i sigurnosti primjenom odgovarajućih tehničkih i organizacijskih mjera.

Legitimni interes

Obrada Vaših podataka temeljem naših legitimnih interesa podliježe posebnim pravilima koja Vam omogućavaju da u svakom trenutku, na temelju Vaše posebne situacije, podnesete prigovor na takvu obradu. Legitimni interesi temeljem kojih će Insider Plus d.o.o. obrađivati Vaše osobne podatke su:

  • kontaktiranje klijenata (marketing) za potrebe dostave odgovora na postavljeni upit

Obveza čuvanja osobnih podataka

Prikupljamo i obrađujemo osobne podatke na način kojim se osigurava odgovarajuća sigurnost i povjerljivost u njihovoj obradi  te omogućavanje učinkovite primjene načela zaštite podataka, smanjenje količine podataka, opseg njihove obrade, razdoblje pohrane i njihovu dostupnost. Poduzimamo sve odgovarajuće tehničke i organizacijske mjere zaštite kako bi spriječili slučajno ili nezakonito uništavanje, gubitak, izmjene, neovlašteno korištenje, otkrivanje, uvid ili pristup podacima.

Obvezujemo se čuvati Vaše osobne podatke sukladno najvišim primjenjivim standardima, a što znači da ih nećemo priopćavati, odnosno učiniti dostupnim trećim osobama, osim u sljedećim slučajevima:

  • obrađivanje osobnih podatka u slučaju utvrđenog legitimnih interesa Društva
  • ako izričito pisanim putem pristanete da se priopće pojedini povjerljivi podaci za određenu namjenu ili određenoj osobi;
  • ako su podaci potrebni Ministarstvu unutarnjih poslova ili nadležnom državnom odvjetništvu za potrebe obavljanja poslova iz njihove nadležnosti;
  • ako su podaci potrebni sudu ili javnom bilježniku za postupak koji vodi, a predočenje tih podataka zahtijeva pisanim putem;
  • u slučajevima određenim UREDBOM (EU) 2016/679 EUROPSKOG PARLAMENTA I VIJEĆA koji se odnose na mogućnost i pravila obrade osobnih podataka koje u ime klijenta provode izvršitelji obrade.

Primatelji ili kategorije primatelja osobnih podataka

U svim prethodno navedenim slučajevima ćemo Vaše osobne podatke priopćiti isključivo gore izričito navedenim trećim osobama i/ili osobama izričito propisanim u gore navedenim i drugim zakonima i propisima na snazi u Republici Hrvatskoj te isti neće biti prosljeđivani trećim osobama bez pravne obveze.

Razdoblje u kojem će osobni podaci biti pohranjeni

Vaše osobne podatke čuvat ćemo do ispunjenja svrhe obrade za koju su prikupljeni. Nakon prestanka svrhe u koju su prikupljeni, Vaše osobne podatke više ne koristimo te će biti izbrisani.

Vaša prava u vezi obrade osobnih podataka

  • pravo na pristup osobnim podacima – imate pravo na pristup svojim osobnim podacima koje obrađujemo o Vama i možete zatražiti detaljne informacije osobito o njihovoj svrsi obrade, o vrsti/kategorijama osobnih podataka koji se obrađuju uključujući i uvid u svoje osobne podatke, o primateljima ili kategorijama primatelja te o predviđenom razdoblju u kojem će osobni podaci biti pohranjeni. Pristup osobnim podacima može biti ograničen samo u slučajevima propisanim pravom Unije ili našim nacionalnim zakonodavstvom odnosno kada se takvim ograničenjem poštuje bit temeljnih prava i sloboda drugih.
  • pravo na ispravak – imate pravo zatražiti ispravljanje ili dopunjavanje osobnih podataka ako Vaši podaci  nisu točni, potpuni i ažurni. Da biste to učinili, pošaljite svoj zahtjev nama kao voditelju obrade pisanim putem, uključujući i elektronički oblik komunikacije.
  • pravo na brisanje – imate pravo od nas tražiti brisanje osobnih podataka koji se na Vas odnose ako smo ih nezakonito obradili, ako osobni podaci više nisu nužni u odnosu na svrhu obrade, ukoliko ste povukli privolu na kojoj se obrada temelji u skladu s člankom 6. stavkom  1. točkom (a) ili člankom 9. stavkom 2. točkom (a) i ako ne postoji druga pravna osnova za obradu, ukoliko ste uložili prigovor na obradu svojih osobnih podataka u skladu sa člankom 21. stavkom 1. Opće uredbe o zaštiti podataka te ako ne postoje naši jači legitimni razlozi za obradu.
  • Molimo da uzmete u obzir da postoje razlozi koji onemogućuju trenutačno brisanje, primjerice radi postavljanja, ostvarivanja ili obrane pravnih zahtjeva, a o čemu ćemo Vas detaljno izvijestiti u odnosu na svaki pojedini zahtjev;
  • pravo na ograničenje obrade – možete od nas zatražiti ograničenje obrade svojih podataka:
    • ako osporavate točnost osobnih podataka tijekom razdoblja koji nam omogućuje provjeru točnosti tih podataka,
    • ako je obrada nezakonita, a protivite se brisanju i umjesto toga tražite ograničenje uporabe tih podataka,
    • ako nam podaci više nisu potrebni za potrebe obrade, ali ih tražite radi postavljanja, ostvarivanja i obrane pravnih zahtjeva,
    • ako ste uložili prigovor na obradu;
  • pravo na prenosivost podataka – imate pravo zaprimiti Vaše osobne podatke koje ste nam pružili, u strukturiranom, uobičajeno upotrebljavanom i strojno čitljivom formatu te imate pravo prenijeti te podatke drugom voditelju obrade, ako se obrada temelji na privoli ili ugovoru i provodi se automatiziranim putem;
  • pravo na prigovor – u svakom trenutku možete uložiti prigovor na obradu Vaših osobnih podataka, ako se obrada temelji na našim legitimnim interesima, uključujući izradu profila ili ako Vaše podatke obrađujemo za potrebe izravnog marketinga;
  • pravo na povlačenje privole – kad se obrada temelji na privoli, imate pravo u bilo kojem trenutku povući privolu, a da to ne utječe na zakonitost obrade koja se temeljila na privoli prije nego što je ona povučena. Navedeno možete učiniti na isti način kako ste i dali privolu, kao i putem e-maila: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ili na telefon 095 585 9192;
  • pravo na pritužbu nadzornom tijelu – imate pravo podnijeti pritužbu nadzornom tijelu ukoliko smatrate da obrada osobnih podataka nije u skladu s Uredbom. Nadzorno tijelo pritom vas obavješćuje o napretku i ishodu pritužbe, uključujući mogućnost pravnog lijeka na temelju članka 78.
  • pravo na naknadu štete – ukoliko ste pretrpjeli (ne)imovinsku štetu zbog kršenja relevantnih zakonskih odredbi, imate pravo na naknadu od nas ili izvršitelja obrade za pretrpljenu štetu. Sudski postupak za ostvarivanje prava na naknadu štete vodi se pred sudovima koji su nadležni prema pravu države (članak 79. stavak 2.)

Ostvarenje navedenih prava, uvažavajući iznimke predviđene za povlačenje privole i podnošenje pritužbe, možete zatražiti putem e-maila: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ili na adresu Insider Plus d.o.o., Zagrebačka 89, 42000 Varaždin. U slučaju dvojbe, možemo zatražiti dodatne informacije radi provjere Vašeg identiteta, a čime štitimo Vaša prava i privatnost. Na vaš zahtjev pružit ćemo Vam informacije o poduzetim radnjama iz članaka od 15. do 22. Uredbe bez nepotrebnog odgađanja i u svakom slučaju u roku od mjesec dana od zaprimanja zahtjeva.

Ako su Vaši zahtjevi očito neutemeljeni ili pretjerani, osobito zbog njihova učestalog ponavljanja, možemo naplatiti administrativnu naknadu ili odbiti postupiti po zahtjevu.

Pružanje gore navedenih osobnih podataka, osim onih koji se pružaju temeljem Vaše privole, je uvjet nužan za ostvarivanje određene svrhe, odnosno za pružanje odgovora na dostavljeni upit. Shodno tome, imate pravo uskratiti pružanje tih podataka, ali u tom slučaju Insider Plus d.o.o. neće biti u mogućnosti ispuniti svoje obveze u pružanju svojih usluga.

Korištenje kolačića (cookies)

Na službenim internetskim stranicama koriste se tzv. kolačići (cookies) - tekstualne datoteke koje na računalo korisnika smješta internetski poslužitelj (server), putem kojeg davatelj usluge pristupa Internetu (ISP) prikazuje web stranicu.

Kolačići nastaju kada preglednik na uređaju korisnika učita posjećeno mrežno odredište, koje potom šalje podatke pregledniku te izrađuje tekstualnu datoteku (kolačić). Preglednik dohvaća i šalje kolačić na poslužitelj internetske stranice prilikom povratka korisnika na njega.

Na našim stranicma koriste se tehnički kolačići (obavezni kolačići, ne mogu se isključiti) koji su nužni za funkcioniranje Internet mjesta, funkcionalni (mogu se isključiti) koji omogućavaju Internet mjestu pružanje poboljšane funkcionalnosti i personalizaciju te marketinški (mogu se isključiti) koji omogućuju bilježenje posjeta i izvora prometa kako bismo mogli mjeriti i poboljšati učinkovitost našeg Internet mjesta.

Na web stranici voditelj obrade osobnih podataka ugradio je komponente servisa Google Analytics. Google Analytics je servis za prikupljanje i analizu podataka o ponašanju posjetitelja na web stranici. Usluga web analitike među ostalim prikuplja podatke o web stranici s koje je ispitanik došao, koje je podstranice posjetio ili kako često i koliko dugo pregledava određenu podstranicu. Web analitika se koristi za optimizaciju web stranice i kako bi se provela analiza oglašavanja na internetu.

Sami možete promijeniti postavke Vašeg internet preglednika tako da možete sami birati hoćete li zahtjeve za spremanje kolačića odobriti ili odbiti, pobrisati spremljene kolačiće automatski pri zatvaranju internet preglednika i slično. Imate pravo isključiti kolačiće. Internetski preglednici obično su programirani tako da im je prihvaćanje kolačića zadana postavka, ali to možete jednostavno podesiti promjenom postavki svog preglednika.

Prvim dolaskom na našu web stranicu biti ćete obaviješteni o korištenju kolačića, te imate mogućnost blokirati odnosno onemogućiti kolačiće. Vaša odluka o prihvaćanju kolačića biti će spremljena u dodatni kolačić na 90 dana te u tom periodu nećete više vidjeti poruku s upitom o korištenje kolačića. Istekom tog vremena upit o upotrebi kolačića će se ponovno pojaviti, a pojavit će se ponovno i ako u međuvremenu sami pobrišete kolačiće.

Ako onemogućite kolačiće, nećete moći koristiti neke od funkcionalnosti na web stranicama.